Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Designed By: HSLAB

The Human Systems Lab's Tesla Model 3 is used to investigate the Human Factors of automated driving.
Driving Simulator

Driving SimulatorDesigned By: HSLAB

The Human Systems Lab's medium-fidelity driving simulator uses three 52-inch screens and runs the OpenDS authoring and simulation software.

N-backDesigned By: HSLAB

The n-back files are available for download here . The original files were sourced from the MIT Age Lab website.
Behavior recording

Behavior recordingDesigned By: HSLAB

The HSLab has an array of physiological, eye-tracking, and behavioral instruments for measuring human behavior.

Ergonomics Designed By: HSLAB

Together with Dr. Cort, the HSLab performs cognitive ergonomics research using state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing research facilities.
VR capabilities

VR capabilitiesDesigned By: HSLAB

VR + eye-tracking capabilities to simulate human interaction with a variety of applications.